GTP Racing Series Instructions

Quick Instructions

Do your best time trial for each of the two track layout stages.

Share the two replays to your GT7 Profile with the right hashtag.

Check the results to see how far you are on the points table.

Main Instructions

When a round is open, you will be able to view the stages and begin doing your best times.

Car Selection
You can choose any Gr3 car for the Tarmac tracks and any GrB for the gravel tracks.

Tuning (BETA)
Currently Up for debate. Even though tuning is enabled, it is not allowed.

Lap Times
Try to do your best time trial for the two Track layouts that are listed.

Once you are satisfied with your time trials for each stage, you can submit them to your GT7 profile gallery, which will be added to the global series table.

Submit Replays
To submit a time, you must share your Best Lap replay (not normal replay) with the appropriate hashtag, which can be found in the round’s info page.

Only Time trials submitted between the round’s entry period will be eligible.

Failing to submit a Lap time between the entry period for a stage, will result with a 3:00.00 – 5:00.00 minute penalty for that stage.

Points are distributed to all participating drivers.

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